Aspects to Consider in Choosing the Right Hotel

Whenever you are going to Indonesia especially in Jakarta for certain purpose and you need to stay there for a couple of days, you really need to make sure you can get the right and proper accommodation. It’s quite a fortunate thing for you to go to Jakarta because there are basically tons of great hotel available. However, sometimes, with such various options, it’s still quite confusing. Which hotel should you choose? Well, you need to know that there are several aspects you need to pay attention in order to get the best hotel which can really lead you to the most optimal satisfaction. By knowing those aspects, you can really find it easier to compare the options and finally, you can get the best one. So, what are the aspects?

The very first thing you must consider is surely about the quality of the hotel. We all know that hotels are graded with stars. You can really use the stars as your guideline. The more the stars a hotel gets, it means that the hotel is more qualified as your choice. In other words, it can be said that five-star hotel is better than four-star hotel. Then, you should also pay attention to the location of the hotel. For this matter, you should determine what kind of staying you will have in Jakarta. Is it for vacation or is it for business trip? If you’re on vacation, it’s better to get the hotel which is located nearby some famous tourism areas in Jakarta. The similar application should also be done if you’re on business trip. Surely, if you are on business trip, you should choose the hotel which is close to the destination where you’re going to take care of your business. Let’s say, you choose the hotel located nearby from your business partner’s company. Is there any other aspect to think about? Of course, there is. You should also consider the price. You don’t want to waste your money by staying in some clumsy hotels, right? The key is to balance the price with the quality of the hotel. Another aspect to consider is the ease to reach the hotel. It’s totally pointless for you to book a room in a great hotel but it’s hard to reach the hotel.

Alright, now that you have understood the aspects, you may be wondering whether there’s a concrete example of the nice hotel which should be your choice. Well, you can take a look at hotel santika. This hotel can cover all of the aspects mentioned before. So, are you interested to book the room now?

Hua Hin / Cha-am Travel Guide

If you are in Bangkok and you want to be at the beach 24/7- literally, then Hua Hin and Cha-am are the ideal beach resorts for you because they lay within a little distance, 190 km to be exact, of Bangkok. These resorts are easily accessible by train from Bangkok and the busiest during weekends because not only do tourists enjoy them but the locals take full advantage of living in this lively city as well.

If you are one of those people, who enjoy some peace and quite, Cha-am beach resort is perfect for you, especially during the weekdays. Attracting people towards the sandy beach that it has, garnished with palm trees, you can always give yourself the perfect tan on this serene beach resort. You can also enjoy the pony rides or perhaps the water rides that are there for the means of entertainment.

Other local attractions would include the souvenir shops and the jewelry stores as well as the golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus. You can even see what the tailors are like in this area as you have numerous cloth shops and tailors ready to sew up anything that you like. From embroidery jackets and blouses to silk products, you just have to look at the samples to choose your very favorite. The hotels in this area are decorated with flowers and many of the hotels have private pools with rooms. As Thai culture is famous for giving the best massages, you can always take advantage of the spa to be treated like royalty. As if this all is not enough, the Thai cuisine and seafood that they serve leaves you licking your fingers!

If you are in for a party when you come to Thailand, you can always go to Hua Hin, the busy beach resort. A lively place, this resort is bustling with nightlife, bars and discos. Hua Hin is a fascinating place because you get to experience what type of life the locals live because their shops lie nearby. The hotel facilities are magnificent and you can always find something that fits in your budget here. Most of the hotels are near the beach and have palm trees and sunny decks that are under those trees to give you the time of your life.

If you want your trip to be quite and subtle then Cha-am is the perfect choice for you but if you are a tourist who is looking for the crazy party time on your vacation, Hua Hin is the place you want to be at because this is where the part is.

Arrange your Holidays with Trat Travel Guide

Trat is a town built for pure luxury and leisure bordering on Cambodia, in Thailand. It has numerous beautiful islands stationed around it which make it the perfect holidaying place. A secret place in this land open not even to local islanders is one of the main attractions. The National Marine Park is so exclusive that it is rarely open to anyone and yet people come from all over the world to try and catch a glimpse of it. Although a downside to this was that the park received barely any new developments. Nonetheless, it has retained its stunning natural beauty and even rough and undeveloped is a sight not to be missed. Most of the land is covered by natural rainforests and hills which make excellent vantage points for watching the spectacular sunset.

The hills are of varying heights and give a very exotic view to the overall landscape. The beaches in the area are also fun-drenched and full of sun and sand. They are extremely relaxing and give a very soothing feeling to any visitor. A huge variety of wild life exists in the town and is a curiosity that draws out many tourists all year round. There are rare bird sightings for bird lovers and many kinds of snakes and deer. To complete the exotic effect, many elephants can also be found in the area. Snorkeling and diving are two vastly favored activities enjoyed by all on the beach and the neighboring islands. The island indulges in the rainy season for more than half a year but otherwise it is a place fit for a king.

It is like a little jewel of paradise in Thailand. For nature enthusiasts, the hiking trails in the area are very professional and make for an amazing experience. There are also different guides assigned to help you with the more advanced trails. Reminiscent of old India, there are also elephant rides offered to adults and children alike. They are extremely popular with the tourists. You can also hire the elephants for your pleasure depending on the current island rate.

Buddhist temples and holy places are also numerous in Trat and are held in high regard by students and visitors. The entertainment and nightlife in Trat is spectacular and can guarantee a good time for even the most hardest of cynics. Trat is a true pleasure to visit and most visitors end up buying villas or houses on Trat for a reason to keep coming back.

Spend the Perfect Vacation with Surat Thani Travel Guide

One of the largest places in the south of Thailand is Surat Thani. The name of the county literally means ‘City of Good People’. It marks the entrance to the gulf coast of Thailand and is a very popular retreat for tourists. Surat Thani is said to be a land of legends and myths because it once formed part of the Buddhist Empire. The land remains enshrouded in a cloak of mystery which draws tourists out every year. History, anthropology and archeology buffs have marked this land a favorite as many famous treasures have been unveiled from its secretive soil.

Surat Thani is a beautiful place with character and a favorite retreat of those who wish to visit exotic places. The land is made up of elevated plateaus and many mountains which are covered with natural forests. Surrounding the shore of the sea, there are many forests made up of towering trees which lend an aura of majesty to the land and sea. A variety of different islands surround the major area and there are also two main rivers branching out from Surat Thani.

A number of water sports are carried out and scuba diving is very popular. The pagodas in Surat Thani are astounding in their simplicity and magnificence. Considering that they were built well over 1000 years ago, they seem to exude an ancient magic which leaves spectators spell bound. The province also includes museums full of early relics that are wondrous to behold. Surat Thani is a place steeped in culture and tradition. There are many places on the province that are still held sacred for meditational purposes or for religious teachings. These places are full of nature’s beauty and have an intensely peaceful atmosphere .The resorts are designed with an eye towards comfort and leisure, drawing people in all year round.

There are luxurious day spas and massage places available for the pleasure of the visitors. The flora and fauna around the land is spectacular and many rare species can be found here. The wildlife is exceptionally varied and the local places capture some of these wild animals for the tourists’ viewing purposes. Along the rivers of the land, there are farms full of bred oysters which are larger than those found anywhere else. It is an amazing place and a must visit for all those oyster enthusiasts. There is also an arts and crafts center which holds jewellery, bags as well as clothes and other handmade products which are a hit with both women and men.

Chiang Mai Travel Guide

Rose of the North’ is the name given to Chiang Mai because of the numerous flowers that flash on the northern mountains of this place. The attributes of Chiang Mai include the magnificent nature that this place has. Where cities like Bangkok give you a jest of the busy life that Thailand is, Chiang Mai gives the exact opposite by giving you a clean and quite environment. In addition, it has a number of things that the tourist will find attractive.

Chang Mai has an environment that one can never forget and the most memorable thing that you will take back will be the nature of the people that are residents of this place. Chang Mai is known for the silver, wood and silk that is handcrafted are the prime reasons that this place is upon called for by tourists. Amongst all the beauty and talent, entertainment is yet another deal that Chang Mai offers.

It does not take much time to know what is popular and worthy is a place like Chang Mai. Magnificent places outside Chang Mai are easy locatable and popular names include Doi Saket, Mae Hong Song, Chiang Saen and Pai. If you are planning a trip to Northern Thailand, these few names should definitely be on your list as they offer the best of the beauty of Thailand.

The ideal time to visit Chiang Mai is November to March as this is the point where the weather of this place is ideal and you have ample time to enjoy the scenery of the northern area and the city itself. If you want to have a cheap trip to this city then the summers, i.e., June, July and August, are ideal for you because you can get away with cheap deals from the hotels.

As Thailand is popular for the Buddhists temples, that it has and so is the case with Chiang Mai. In addition to the temples you have, the architecture to enjoy that comes with them and you can spot typical Thai architecture with the temples, such as Wat Phra Singh, found in the city.

If you want to enjoy this city you must take advantage of the mineral baths they provide with the Thai massages. In addition, the local cuisine is something that a true traveler must go for because there are a number of bars and restaurants that are willing to give you a taste of their pride. Chiang Mai has not forgotten those who are party lovers as the nightlife has a lot to offer as well because the city is well aware of the fact that when the city sleeps, the real party starts.

Bangkok Travel Guide

If you want to fuel yourself on a vacation, be hyped up about shopping, and be in the city that can be the most entertaining one for you, just visit Thailand because Bangkok is your place to be. The city is conjured with excitement, attractions, and a nightlife that makes a tourist never want to go back home.

Bangkok is full of culture, things to do that include mingling with the citizens of that place, and you will find that this place is bursting with friendliness. With the cuisines they have to offer to the shrines and temples that they have, Bangkok comes as a whole package deal.

If you want to learn about the history of Bangkok and the richness of the urban life led there, there is the National Museum that teaches you all about the artifacts of this place. The Red Cross Snake Farm is one place that you can visit if you have a thing for snakes, as this is where the people feed live, venomous snakes. If you are not living in a hotel then you can always visit the Weekend Market located near the Chatuchak Park that has a variety of everything and anything.

If you happen to be at the Wireless Road, you must pay a visit to the Suan Lum Night Market to give a jest of what the Bangkok life is all about. If you want to see the place where a US citizen reintroduced silk weaving then you must go to the Jim Thompson house. This is a tribute to the architecture and art that is still alive in Bangkok.

A city that is so alive, it is sure to give birth to different cultures meeting and merging. That is the reason that today, Latin Salsa is gaining popularity and in addition to this, parties in discos, bars and live musical performances are not far away from whatever place you are in Bangkok.

A place that you might not want to go with family but surely check out is the red-light area of Bangkok, Patpong. An area that has a life of it’s own during nighttime, thanks to the light and the people that make this street busy, a tourist may find it interesting to visit the clubs on this street to see more of what Bangkok has. This way, you can see that every city has a taste of its own and the people may be the same but the lifestyle is what divides everyone.

Ayutthaya Travel Guide

An island amidst river, Ayutthaya is a town known as the Venice of East because of the canals made around it, connecting all sorts of communities together. In the yesteryears, these canals and rivers were used as means of transport as people used to travel via these channels. More than 400 years ago, Ayutthaya was prosperous in every way one could possibly imagine; culture, economically, politically etc. It is considered amongst the richest city in Thailand when it comes to historic founding.

A city found in 1350, it soon became the second capital of Siam because it was the central location of the main method of transport, i.e., the rivers that surrounded it made it the easiest accessible city. Lying 76 kilometers towards the north side of Bangkok, Ayutthaya has a number of beautiful ruins to its name.

Ayutthaya is the trading capital in the whole world, specifically Asia. As it is not a huge city laid across acres, you can easily see Ayutthaya if you go on a tour by feet. There are numerous ruins of temples in this city, most of them found in the north-west of the island, and the party life of the city lies in the northeast.

You can find a number of forts such as Pom Phet, Pom Ho Ratchakhru, Pom Yai, Pom Mahachai, etc surrounding this city. Other attractions include the Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Centre at Bang Sai that is located on the Rochana Road & Chao Sam Phraya National Museum on the same road.

Ayutthaya has a rich history when it comes to temples, new and old, that attract a lot of tourist attention because of the number they are found in. You can visit any temple that you wish because you have a huge variety to go to such as Wat Mahathat, Wat Phra Mongkonbophit, Wat Phra Si Samphet, Wat Phra Ram, Wat Ratchaburana, Wat Mahathat etc. Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre is the perfect place to go to if you wants to search up more on this magnificent city and other attractions that it has to offer to the tourists.

Ayutthaya was a colorful city before it was completely devastated and destroyed but today, it remains to be amongst the top tourist attractions because of the rich history that it comes with. If you are amongst those people who enjoy watching what is now part of history, Ayutthaya is the ideal location for you to visit when in Thailand.

Looking for a Holiday? Check Out Ranong Travel Guide

Located in Bangkok, Ranong is one of the initial provinces in the southern direction. It is located on the western coast. The weather there is typically tropical but also heavy with the monsoon season. These heavy, lashing rains last for about 6-8 months every year. Ranong has Myanmar and the Indian Ocean as its neighbors. Ranong is a bit on the small side but contains many tourist attractions which keep the tourist trade in business all year round. It is blessed with many natural hot springs and forests. Both are beautiful to behold and add a majestic quality to the rest of the land around.

Ranong is very richly populated with natural forests that add a grand air to the province. The main attractions in it are fishing and trading of port. Because of the natural hot springs and serene lakes, it is very much preferred by fishermen and traders. A typically Asian flavor is very prominent on the land which lends it even more character. There are beautiful and richly colored long boats which are used for ferrying purposes. Both people and cargo or produce are taken through on these long boats. The passageway clearly marks the division between Myanmar and Ranong.

There are five star hotels and casinos constructed for the tourists’ enjoyment and are indulged in as frequently as possible by the tourists. Besides the hot springs and forests, there is a beach that is very popular with the visitors. This also contains a pier which makes an astounding vantage point. You can scuba dive or snorkel along the river, watching the life in the water. The beach is full of fine grains of sand which cushion your feet as you walk on them.

There is also a viewpoint on a hill which offers breathtaking views of the sunset and the sunrise. The area is intensely beautiful and lushly blessed with the best of what nature has to offer. It is the ideal place for your perfect relaxing holiday where all you need to do is arrange yourself in the right spot to watch the coming and going of beauty in so many different forms.

There are also various boat trips arranged for the benefit of the tourists. These boats can also take you to some of the nearby islands which make great spots for picnics or walks or just for a point to relax in solitude.

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